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A podcast to change the message about climate change.

At Earthshot Now we are bringing to our audience, candid and engaging chats with people from different backgrounds to talk about themselves, their life journey, their vision of the future, and how they relate to climate change or how climate change relates to them. We end each segment with a challenge to the audience to get more involved on climate issues.


Evoking the Apollo Moon Landing we want to inspire a new generation of dreamers, inventors, and everyone else to help save spaceship Earth. We can seed this revolution through people and their stories.  We will be talking to sports figures, chefs, entrepreneurs, winemakers, teachers, filmmakers, policy makers and just regular people. 

Mark Bernstein


Mark Bernstein, co-founder of Earthshot is your host for Earthshot Now. Mark has been a lifelong supporter of renewable energy and the environment and a pioneer of innovative approaches to environmental protection. 25 years ago, Mark was telling people cleantech is not only better for the environment, but in the long-run they will be better for the economy too. And here we are - cleantech is cheaper, better and cooler. We will chat about that and other fun topics with interesting people during these podcasts.

Upcoming Episodes

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Chef Ron Duprat

Chef Ron Duprat has had a passion for good, healthy, locally sourced foods ever since he was a small boy growing up in Mare, Haiti. Despite a poor upbringing, he always felt at home in the kitchen observing his grandmother cook. Today, Chef Ron Duprat – celebrated restaurateur, Top Chef contender, author, humanitarian and executive chef – credits those comforting times in his grandmother’s kitchen as the basis for his food philosophy: fresh, flavorful, seasonal ingredients that create mouth-watering dishes with a nod to his heritage. 

Dahntay in Basketball Uniform.jpg

Dahntay Jones


Dahntay Jones retired from the NBA in 2017 after a 13-year career that included an NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. Among other ventures since retiring from basketball Dahntay has involved himself in helping support the building of affordable housing in Florida and California with a focus on building the housing sustainability – saving energy and resources.


Bob Wyman


Bob Wyman, co-founder of Earthshot, has been an environmental attorney for 40 years and was Latham & Watkins Global Chair of the Environment, Land & Resources Department and Co-Chair of the Air Quality & Climate Change Practice. Bob has been a leader in developing market-based strategies to encourage rapid technology development and deployment.

Jim Evanoff


Jim has been with the National Park Service for the past 32 years. His career has involved working in four other National Parks before coming to Yellowstone in 1988. His work experiences have varied from assisting in wolf reintroduction to spearheading many of the park’s “greening initiatives”.  Jim has managed many of Yellowstone’s environmental programs and provided guidance to many other national parks for achieving sound environmental stewardship.

For over 30 years and continuing today, Jim is directly involved with a Type I national Incident Management team relating to all-risk incidents. This has included mitigation of the hurricane Katrina disaster, the Columbia space shuttle explosion and multiple complex wildland fires. 
Currently, Jim is consulting with numerous national and international parks to advance sustainability and address climate change mitigation. Jim has been providing consulting to the national parks of the Galapagos Islands, the provincial parks of Canada and newly developed national parks in Patagonia. 



Nikhil Jain


Nikhil cofounded ObEN with a vision to create a full AI stack to power its PAI virtual humans including speech, computer vision, and machine learning.

Before co-founding ObEN, he founded two other startups, Up and Running Software and OnGreen. Nikhil had also spent 5 years at Kaiser Permanente developing electronic medical record applications. He received his MBA from University of Southern California and has a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. 

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Terry Tamminen


Terry Tamminen has been working for environmental causes for over 20 years, including climate change, renewable energy, waste to energy, among others. He served as CA EPA Secretary under Governor Schwarzenegger. During his service in state government, Terry was the architect of many groundbreaking sustainability policies, including California's landmark Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Terry was CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and is currently President and Founder of 7th Generation Advisors. 

Jean Nicolas-Meo


Jean Nicolas-Meo began his career in wine in 1989, when he left Paris and moved to Burgundy to guide his family’s vineyards – land that have been in his family for centuries. He lead a bold new direction and find that he enjoyed the rhythms of country life, and the challenges of running a winery, Jean-Nicolas began a period of intense modernization. He began defining his own signature style, with an emphasis on depth, refinement and impeccable balance - a style that has catapulted Meo-Camuzet to fame and earned Jean-Nicolas respect as one of the finest Pinot Noir winemakers in the world.

Corrina Kumpe


Corrina Kumpe is an attorney with decades of experience in corporate law, who in the last few years, has been using her skills as a lawyer to accelerate the growth of solar power. She is currently the Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel, and Director of Policy at SunShare, a company dedicated to making solar accessible to communities across the U.S

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MK Klassen


MK Klassen began her career in humanitarian aid, working frequently in the developing world. For the past decade, MK led the development of advanced clean energy solutions for U.S. security and peacekeeping forces operating beyond secure supply lines. She recently co-founded Mana Pacific a renewable energy project development Benefit Corporation providing equitable access of sustainable, affordable energy to Pacific Island Nations and Mana Boxes supporting South African artisan women buy bringing their goods to the US market.

Johanna Photo_10060200.jpg

Johanna Stoberock

Johanna Stoberock is the author of the novels Pigs and City of Ghosts. Her short stories and essays have appeared in numerous publications, and she is a 2019 Artist Trust/Gar LaSalle Storyteller Award recipient. In Pigs four children live on an island that is the repository for all the world’s garbage. Garbage arrives, the children sort it, and then they feed it to a herd of pigs. When a boy washes ashore in a barrel, the children must decide what to do with him—is he more of the world’s detritus, meant to be fed to the pigs, or is he one of them? The novel explores questions about community, environmental responsibility, and the possibility of innocence.


Rob Legato

Rob Legato is a visual effects supervisor, has been nominated for five Academy Awards and won three. His first win was for his visual effects work on Titanic, his second was for his work on Hugo and his third for The Jungle Book. Rob has pioneered the use of CGI in movies and the integration of live action and CGI to create realistic action in his movies.

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