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Inspiring people to take climate action. Earthshot Launches our first Cleantech is Cool Portal: Solutions for Buildings

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Earthshot™ is a 501c3 non-profit inspiring climate action by engaging people in activities that immerse them in a positive empowering cleantech message.



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Climate messaging has a problem.

Almost half American adults don’t think climate change will impact them personally and a quarter think it will help them.

Fear and urgency are not working.

We need to capture people’s imagination and tap into a sense of excitement about the future by showing off existing and emerging clean technologies because

Cleantech is Cool.

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Back in the twentieth century, we were in a race to reach the moon.
Today, we are in a race to inspire a new generation of dreamers, inventors, entrepreneurs, gamers and everyone else to help save Spaceship Earth.


Cleantech Portal

Buildings are important because they cause over one-third of global carbon
emissions. Here you can find innovations that can help existing and new
buildings be more sustainable and achieve net-zero carbon emissions.





Don’t see a solution or technology? Recommend a solution by clicking on
your profile in the site or emailing us at info@earthshot.us



Creating concepts for fun and inspiring, multi-platform, geo-located games


Creating cleantech assets for existing game franchises


Building an in-game rewards platform so players can get freebies and coupons to help reduce their carbon footprint

Immersive Experiences

Developing design for in-person augmented and virtual reality experiences presented at museums, schools, county/state fairs and other venues.







A role-playing, open-world style game where you are an aspiring chef magically transported to the far past, with your best friend – your dog. You land in a hunter-gatherer community which, as it turns out, isn’t very good at gathering or hunting.

Narrated and assisted by Top Chef Contender and Executive Chef Ron Duprat your mission is to discover edible, healthy and tasty food, prepare meals and become the worlds “First Chef” to ensure the group’s survival


Electro Venture

A scientist in NYC has developed a prototype for a new super-cheap super-efficient battery that will make gasoline cars obsolete. A target of industrial espionage, mercenaries are on their way to kidnap Doc Green and destroy the prototype. Race across the country with the mercenaries hot on your tail


Advised along the way by Leilani Münter - a retired professional race car driver – you will use this prototype and deploy electric vehicle enhancements to outwit the mercenaries who will try to stop you as you make your way to LA. There engineers will duplicate the battery and launch the first fleet of cheap EV’s that can go 1500 miles on a charge and recharge in less than a minute.


Earthshot time machine Experience

This in-person experience starts with participants in the present day. You see your county or state 20 years in the future and enter a time machine. As you move through time you see the changing climate impacting your future. 


Your mission is to change the future by deploying clean technologies and making personal choices that reduce the impact of climate change and ensure a future that is healthy and prosperous.