Recreating the excitement and positive vision of the Apollo Moon Landing, to inspire people to act on climate change

Today, we are in a race to inspire a new generation of dreamers, inventors, and everyone else to help save spaceship Earth.

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Listen to Amanda Gordon's Earthrise poem for some positive climate change vibes

About Earthshot™

Earthshot™ is a 501c3 non-profit inspiring climate action through video games and compelling immersive experiences that will deliver a positive, cleantech oriented empowering message.


We will replace this thinking:

Climate change won’t impact me, and

I can’t do anything about it anyway


With this:

Clean technology is innovative and exciting, and I’m taking action to solve climate change.

Why Gaming and Immersive Experiences?

Because the current messaging isn’t working!

Only about half the U.S. population believes climate change is affecting their local community and 28% believe climate change will help them.

With games we can reach a new audience and motivate engagement through first-person role-playing, simulations, & gamification of real-world applications

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More Info


Lots of people play games

 65% of American adults play video games

 60% play sometimes on smartphones

47% are women

 38% are 18-34

From Games to the Real World

The Earthshot™ Rewards platform will enable gamers to get freebies and discounts on products and services that will help them reduce their carbon footprint.

In partnership with companies, NGOs, electric utilities and others, E-Rewards will help gamers discover how they can take action to address the climate crisis.

Our Strategies

Building Our Own Games


  • Fun, quirky, inspiring

  • Cleantech-focused

  • Gaming experiences

  • Online Multi-player

  • Multi-platform

  • Geo-located

Providing Services to Existing Franchises


Create cleantech skins or mods to existing games

Integrate cleantech add-ons across multiple franchises

Creating Immersive Experiences

In-person augmented- reality experiences

Presented at museums, schools, county/state fairs and other venues

Create a Character 
Driven Narrative

Develop an Earthshot™ 

character that can carry a

story across titles

One Concept: ZE-Racers


Hyper-real cleantech racing in the palm of your hands. Race through your town, create custom built zero emission supercars. Compete against players across the world. Team up with friends, form a crew and dominate the competition.



Meet the Team

The passion and expertise behind Earthshot™


Earthshot™ is a collaborative effort among many experienced practitioners in the fields of environment, energy, and gaming. Earthshot™ was founded by Bob Wyman and Mark Bernstein who have known each other for more than a decade having worked together on projects that have included some exciting new cleantech companies.


Read more about why we started Earthshot™ here

Earthshot™ Board Members

Contact Earthshot™

3016 E. Colorado Boulevard, PO Box 5220, Pasadena, CA 91117

©2020 by Earthshot™

Mark B-Earthshot_09262020.jpg

Mark Bernstein

Co-Founder and President



Bob Wyman

Co-Founder and Board Chair 


Mannuel Grace.PNG
Jamar Graham.jpg
Lauren Graham.jpg

Nikki Buffa


Latham & Watkins

Manuel Grace

Associate General Counsel

Jamar Graham

Partner Manager
Unity Technologies

Lauren Graham


Velvet Frame

Tom Lloyd.jpg

Nikhil Jain


Oben, Inc and

serial entrepreneur

Rob Legato

Triple Academy Award winning

special effects expert

Clayton Munnings

Environmental economist

and consultant

Tom Lloyd

Senior Vice President  
The Capital Group

Vickie Patton.PNG

Vickie Patton
Environmental Defense Fund’s

General Counsel

Cynthia Ringo

Managing Director 
DBL Investors

Glen Trotiner


Burnside Entertainment

John Preston

Founder of TEM Capital

Belinda Walker.jpg

Mike Vandenbergh

Professor of Law & Director
Climate Change Research Network at Vanderbilt University

Sean Watson

Innovation Strategist

Belinda Smith Walker

Founding Board Member

New Village Girls Academy

Earthshot™ Staff

Jon Gordon.jpg

Jon Gordon



Tyler Honaker.jpg

Earthshot™ Partners



Art & Immersive Technology


Bop Network

Gaming Development


Hitpoint Studios

Gaming and Education

Samson PR

PR and Social Media

Tyler Honaker



Lanier AI Labs

AI and Blockchain

Latham & Watkins

Pro bono Global Counsel

(trademark, corporate formation, tax)

Earthshot™ Game Design Associates


Earthshot™ Video

Donate to Earthshot™ Today!


Prefer to donate by mail?

Please use our printable donation form.

Contact Earthshot™

3016 E. Colorado Boulevard, PO Box 5220, Pasadena, CA 91117

©2020 by Earthshot™